Winds of change!!!

Yesterday at Buenavista Beach Resort,marked the beginning of our seasonal change, and we welcome it! Usually just about now the winds switch directions, coming from the north instead and we know that fall is right around the corner. We know the heat of the summer will soon be gone and it will be time to switch gears.

Beachcombing time Deb

We started out this morning with a light, gentle breeze from the north, which made beachcombing all the more fun! There is lots of sea glass, shells and other goodies to be found and our guests have been enjoying some nice, leisurely strolls down the beach. Many times they also come back with stories of finding turtle nests as well!

By the afternoon, the wind picked up enough that we also saw our first kite boarder, as well.

First kiter

It’s been a few weeks since we could post a “Weekly Report” due to our server being down (it was in San Jose where they still don’t have power) but here on the East Cape and at Buenavista Beach Resort, we had no structural problems at all. We have a huge generator, so we had power the entire time and Internet, too.

 We even had one of the many CFE crews (Electric Co.) staying with us. What a pleasure it was to host them!

CFE crew

 And then – once the airports reopened, a few of our guests started to come back.

first guests

But with many of our usually fall guests rescheduling their trips, it’s been awfully quiet around here. Fall is a wonderful time to visit Buenavista Beach Resort, especially this year!

Everything is green and lush like you have never seen! The waterfall above Santiago is so full you wouldn’t believe it. The fishing has been good, with the wind cooled waters and the only thing missing is you!