Always improving!!

One of the biggest changes we made in the off-season, was to our food and bar service. Esaul Valdez has taken over the day to day operations of both the restaurant and the bars and has brought fresh ideas and a new approach, that have raised the experience of Buena Vista Beach Resort to another level. First and foremost, bringing Chef Dahli and his top-notch staff on-board, creating dishes that have made us the hottest restaurant in the East Cape.

We’re also excited about our new Tapas / Pool Bar where you can now enjoy Sashimi, stuffed Agua Chilies, Nachos, Burgers and more, as you sip your cocktail in the cool comfort of our pool. Our already great Wait Staff has become even better and our fantastic trio of Bartenders create the best cocktails, serve the coldest beer and pour the finest Mexican Wines that you’ll find in the East Cape.

We’re always thinking of ways to improve the experience that is Buena Vista Beach Resort, to make your “Escape to the Cape” all you expect it to be and more.
Buena Vista Beach Resort…The place to be in the East Cape!


4 thoughts on “Always improving!!

  1. As amazing as it was a couple of years ago, I’m salivating at the thought of how delightful Buenavista sounds now! We had a great trip there — the staff was so helpful with their phones and fax lines when I needed them for a business emergency.

  2. I have been going here for almost 40 years. Everything just keeps getting better & better! The staff is the best in Mexico! The food, fishing, boat skippers, and the serenity can’t be beat!

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