Hurricane Vance – you never know!

It is not often that we have unwanted guests but yesterday Buenavista Beach Resort was visited by one, Hurricane Vance. It turned out to pretty much be a bust, not that we are complaining and we only had some rain in the morning and wind off and on throughout the day. The beach combing and quiet time at the pool resumed and things are back to normal. Today there are even guests out fishing.

beach02 pool 1104

It is said that fishing can be very good just before and after a hurricane and that much we do know is true! Typically as we move into the winter months we move one or two of our boats down to San Jose. The winds are more doable and fishing off the Gordo Banks can be awesome! One of Western Outdoor News’ writers was here with his family and they fished down there.

Senior Editor Jim Niemiec shared a little of his experiences here as well as a few photos.

“On Saturday the fishing was very good on the inner Gordo Bank with Alex on the Eclipse 91,” Niemiec said. “Son Dr. Brook Niemiec landed a 50-pound wahoo and a 55-pound yellowtail. We all caught some smaller tuna as well on sardines. It was a very nice day to be on the Sea of Cortez after getting blown off the day before.”

WAHOO doc“We enjoyed a great wahoo dinner (fresh is awesome) and set alarms for just my son and I to fish in the morning,” Niemiec said. “We felt that if the captain was there at 5 a.m. and we had our lunches ready, all was set to go. We did not charter or even ask about another boat.”

OUTER GORDO BANK COW YELLOWFIIN TUNA doc“The water was a little rougher as we headed out to the outer Gordo Bank to try for a big one,” Niemiec said. “We on made one small bonito as live bait since it was a bit choppy and cloudy.

We made a single drift and hooked into the brute. I battled it for over 2 hours in a chair with no gimbal, only a kidney harness and rod butt holder, very awkward to say the least for a 2-hour fight. The fish really fought well and towed the sportfisher 1 1/2 miles off the top of the Gordo Bank. The fish weighed 260 pounds and was distributed back in Buenavista Beach Resort and to the guys that cut it up to pass around.” 



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