It’s all about the water and the weather

There is something truly incredible about finding water in the otherwise barren deserts of Baja Sur. But that is one of the things that make Buenavista Beach Resort and the area stand out and truly unique. You may not know this but we are the ONLY resort in Baja Sur that has its own underground geothermal hot springs onsite. And we tap into this unique resource for many things. Naturally purified as it flows up through the sand, we use it for many things including our drinking water (yes – you can drink it right out of the tap!) and it’s what makes our soups taste oh so yummy and special. And of course, coming out of the ground at about 170 degrees, it is also cooled down to use in our hot tub, pool and many fountains we have on the property.

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This is the time of year when the heat and humidity of the summer start to wane and some of our guests are now smartly fishing every other day, in order to enjoy some of the many other activities there are to do in this very pleasant weather. And with so much greenery and flowers from a very wet summer season – taking a quad ride to explore it all is a very good idea!

Another good idea is to take a ride to explore the quaint little town of Santiago, with all of its history, grab a quick bite and head up to the waterfall. Not only is it the tallest one in Baja Sur but right now it is full like you have never seen before!

Waterfall 10 21 14 Waterfall pool

Our guests made the trek to the falls on Monday and said although the water was a little cold, after they hiked down to the pool, it felt very refreshing.

silvia benitez

And then, of course the most important water of all – our beautiful Sea of Cortez. Who could ask for more!

beach front

Every day it gets easier and easier to get here – so why not be impulsive and just hop on a plane and come on down to enjoy the weather, the water, all of the flowers and greenery, and some of the many other things there are to do here at Buenavista Beach Resort this year.




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