They’re everywhere!

Here at Buenavista Beach Resort there are many things we are known for; our accommodating staff, our pristine azure-colored waters, white uncrowded beaches that stretch on for miles, our pure water that comes to us straight from our underground natural hot springs, excellent food (and beverages), the lush gardens … actually there are a lot of things we are known for including our extensive and … Continue reading They’re everywhere!

Come dive in!

Those of you who have been here at Buenavista Beach Resort recently have seen the new Scuba Shack going up on the beachfront. For those of you that haven’t – here’s a shot of it. And here’s the plan. Simon Cazaly and Claire Little, who are partners in life and business, are both originally from England but chose to move to the East Cape for … Continue reading Come dive in!

It’s Bisbee Week!

Welcome to the Bisbee Offshore Tournament week here at Buenavista Beach Resort. The place is really packed and we’re just getting started. Guests are checking in, teams are registering and the boats are gassing up for tomorrow’s Blast Off. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or our home page you already know that we’ve been posting stuff as it happens. So we’ll be super … Continue reading It’s Bisbee Week!

Don’t let the flags fool you!

Originally posted on eastcapeangler:
We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s a reason they call it fishing and not catching” and this past week was an example of that. But we didn’t have a lot of boats fishing this past week out of Buenavista Beach Resort. Usually we don’t have a lot of guests here the week before the Bisbee Offshore Tournament. If folks are planning… Continue reading Don’t let the flags fool you!