Keeping it local – keeping it fresh!

A few months ago we posted a Weekly News article on Buenavista Beach Resort’s home page about a very special cactus that grows on our property, which only blossoms once a year, and only at night!


As mentioned back then, this Dragonflower would eventually turn into a sweet fruit.


And the fruit turned into a sweet sauce, like the one here used as a base for a brownie drizzled with tequila caramel on top.


From the very beginning, Doña Rafaela insisted on serving the freshest food possible. And 38 years later (this month is our birthday) we continue to seek out the best products we can. It feels good to support our community, and to know what is (and in this case) is not going into the growing process. In the tiny community just down the road from Buenavista Beach Resort in the village of Las Cuevas are some organic vegetable fields. Adhering to the strictest “organic” codes, workers even wash their hands before going into the fields!


Today, we were there to see how the babe strawberries were doing. This winter Chef Elmo will be making field trips with some of the locals and our guests. Our goal – to share some of our secrets both in the field and in the kitchen – an outside kitchen at a local rancho! Here, we’ll all learn to prepare a great Mexican meal and finish up by eating it!

Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday wishes and comments this month! It means a lot to the Valdez Family and staff.


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