Off like a herd of turtles!

Ever wonder where that saying comes from? Well, now you know – at least how it is applied here on the East Cape! By far the biggest news here at Buenavista Beach Resort this past week was the opportunity for 21 of our guests to ride into town to experience and be a part of the release of 1,000-plus baby turtles last night. With the … Continue reading Off like a herd of turtles!

44 and counting!!

One of the reasons we always remind our readers and guests about what a great place Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort is to bring their family, is because family is so important to us! It’s a great place to enjoy some laid back, quality time bonding with them. After 36 years of service, there’s a reason our philosophy has not changed. You come as a guest, … Continue reading 44 and counting!!

Long time no see – Buenavista Beach Resort’s the place to be!

From newbies to old-timer, Buenavista Beach Resort was at it again this past week. The Army-Navy Academy finished up a friendly few days of fishing and hanging out with smiles all the way. Wonder why Axel Valdez (front left) made sure he was in the photo? Not only is he longtime friends with host Don Smith, but both he and his brother Esaul are also … Continue reading Long time no see – Buenavista Beach Resort’s the place to be!

Sweet deals coming your way!

This week’s “news” is more like a reminder. We just finished up a great event this past week. The group of 80 anglers had the entire place to themselves. Why? Because with big groups like that, we reserve the entire resort just for them. Imagine having the whole place to yourself with 60 or so of your birding buddies, scheduling your class reunion, yoga retreat … Continue reading Sweet deals coming your way!