Thank You Mother Nature!

This past week saw a mixture of fun in the sun and a little A/C time at the bar during a few brief showers. You may have heard the weatherman speak about Tropical Storm Lorena and wondering how we are holding up. Well the answer is … we are fine – in fact we’re better than fine!

Our gardens are greener and even lusher than usual; thanks to a few short downpours and we didn’t get any wind (again). Another wonderful thing about the rain is all of the things that come to life. In fact, everything looks a little brighter thanks to a little hosing down by Mother Nature.

flower 2You may recognize this cactus; it’s one of many on the property. This one is located on the terrace by the walkway down to the beach. It is called the Pitaya de Baja California Sur; locally it is called a sweet Pitaya, or Dragon Fruit. If you are lucky enough to be here after it rains in the late summer, not only will you experience the incredible change the landscape takes on but the blossoms from these cactus as well.

Like many plants here, they only bloom after it rains. What makes this plant even more incredible is the fact that its flowers only bloom at night!

flowerAnother interesting aspect about these plants is the fruit it will soon bear. As you pass through the little towns and villages in the area, you will notice street venders selling bags of these fruits after it rains. If you have the chance, stop and buy some – they are low in calories and offer numerous nutrients. Chef Elmo will be making something sweet and yummy out of ours real soon!


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