Getting ready !!

As we gear up for a few weeks of heavy fishing, with the Dorado Shoot Out this weekend and then the Bisbee’s Offshore three days after that the focus this past week has all been on fishing in terms of “Weekly News”. But that IS news so I’ll share just some of the basics with you and then give you the details on Thursday when our regular weekly Fishing Report comes out.

In a nutshell – the fishing has been outstanding so far this season; especially in relation to the marlin bite. We even had a swordfish which is late in the season for them. We also had some of the best limit style fishing for football-sized tuna as well as the larger models and some trophy-sized bull dorado not to mention some medium to large roosters.

CiriloHere’s Cirilo smoking up some of the tuna for our guests. I bet you wish you were here right now!

And of course the Bisbee tournament starts on Tuesday, with anglers and big boats already starting to arrive. It’s such an exciting time whether you’re fishing or not to be here and experience this event. We’ll be posting tons of photos as the event unwinds starting with our next Weekly News on Tuesday which also happens to be the afternoon and evening of the Bisbee registration, Captain’s Meeting and party. See you then!


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