We had a busy time last week, although it was sure fun!

For 20-plus years now, the Lance Camper Group was back for their annual Appreciation Trip for some of their top managers and sales reps. Norm, Gary and the rest of the group are like family to us – it’s always wonderful to see them and boy did they cover a lot ground.

Welcome Meeting

Welcome Meeting

Not wasting any time, the group hit the ground running, with a “Welcome – Meet and Greet” on the terrace that night to discuss the next days’ fishing opportunities. The next day they headed offshore for an adventure the group won’t soon forget! With quadruple marlin hook ups and releases, dorado and even a wahoo, the group ate a wonderful sampling of what the Sea of Cortez had to offer that night with their fresh catch of the day.

The rest of their trip was filled with choices. Some chose to take day trips down to Cabo San Lucas, while others headed to the canyon’s canopies for some zip lines, treks across rope bridges and repelling down the cliffs. Others chose to go for a quad ride, with some venturing out into the desert and mountains on a quad for the first time. After some instruction and practice runs before heading out-they were all seasoned pros by the time they returned.

Quad return

Quad return

And so went the Campers week, filled with fun, adventures, lots of rejuvenating massages and plenty of pool time. But they weren’t the only group we had. There were intimate candlelight anniversary dinners on the beach and lots of just hanging by the pool; there were buffets every night .

Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet

We also had a big wedding party on the weekend, and lots of running around to make sure all of our guests had a memorable stay with us.

Beach Weeding

Beach Weeding

This week we prepare for a special Children’s Play Day on Saturday at the resort as we celebrate “Dia Del Niño”, followed by a local tournament for kids only. And as tournament season ramps up, we’ll be hosting several of them as well as their Awards Night dinners. You don’t have to fish to enjoy all of the action-their fun just to watch but you’re always welcome to participate if your trip happens to coincide with them!






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