Easter time – all about kids and family

Whether you call it Spring Break, Easter Week or Semana Santa –we just called it busy. Celebrated much in the way we do Memorial Weekend; the beaches were lined with families and their tents, quads and toys.

Full beach

Buenavista Beach Resort also had a “full house”, with members from our Amigos de Spa enjoying cocktails at the swim-up bar and rooms filled with vacationing families looking to get away from “the big city” of La Paz and Cabo.

Full pool

Family reunions have become very popular here since there is something for everyone and every age to do. Longtime friend Scott Campbell (Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors in Huntington Beach, CA) and wife Heather Campbell (Owner of Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors) took a little break from work to celebrate their son Luke’s 12th birthday with friends and Luke’s grandparents. In true sporting fashion, they rode quads to the waterfall, swam in the pool and sea, and let the kids catch all of the fish.

Camphell Group

From left to right: Friends 14-year-old friend Julia, Desiree and Tim Wilson, Scott Heather and Luke Campbell, Luke’s buddy Seth Wilson, grandparents Ken and Carol Goodsell from Nashua, N.H., and Scott’s mom Vicki – also from Huntington Beach.

And now that the party’s over and once again we have our miles of white, sandy beaches to ourselves, we found the time to honor Earth Day.

Empty beach

Earth Day