They’re everywhere!

Here at Buenavista Beach Resort there are many things we are known for; our accommodating staff, our pristine azure-colored waters, white uncrowded beaches that stretch on for miles, our pure water that comes to us straight from our underground natural hot springs, excellent food (and beverages), the lush gardens … actually there are a lot of things we are known for including our extensive and abundant palm trees.

everywere everywere2

 They are everywhere and different kinds as well.

all the types

When I asked Felipe Valdez (Resort’s Proprietor) how many we had, he laughed and said; “A lot” was his first answer. His second was; “There are least 250.”

And while they are a lot of work to maintain, it’s an opportunity to harvest the coconuts and dates.

lot of work

I’m headed to CA for about two weeks, so I won’t know what’s going on here, except to say that the B.A.F.T (Bad Ass Fishing Tournament) guys arrive tomorrow and I am sorry to miss them!